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Here's a tiny glimpse into upcoming eLearning course: Fiber-Cafe One. Just click on any image to enlarge.

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Your view is front row


When you register for a Fiberella Studio eLearning course, expect a close look at what's happening inside Paula's studio. You'll view video of techniques-in-action and thoughtful PowerPoint presentations; finding out how to translate what-you're-learning to what-you-love to create. It's so convenient having all of your materials, equipment and tools at your fingertips and being together online. Contact with Paula is direct in many ways. You'll also receive a fresh handout with each and every studio meeting, to guide you inbetween meetings. Handouts are always available as a simple download during live meetings ...or whenever you review recordings of live meetings.






You can plan to attend each meeting LIVE, or view recordings instead!


Experience Fiberella eLearning anytime that suits you



Life happens. You might have to miss one or even all the live meetings during a course. You can still experience and review everything. You still have contact with Paula. Since every live meeting is recorded, the entire content is available to you anytime, day or night, online. Everyone can review recordings made of each live meeting, submit their questions* and experience all of the course content to enhance your creativity. A Fiberella course (most have multiple meetings) inspires, expands design concepts, helps you to explore fresh ideas, learn techniques and gather technical tips. You'll also enjoy beneficial questions aksed by students around the globe. There's always a fluid dialogue between Paula and students: questions asked as attendees at the live meetings or via email.


*If a relevant-to-the-course question pops into your mind in-between live meetings, just email Paula.

Your question will be responded to at the beginning of the next live/recorded meeting.


And the more eLearning courses you take, the more content you'll be able to review with your Fiberella Library Pass!







What does a Fiberella Library Pass provide?


Your 30-Day Fiberella Library Pass



There's one included in the cost of every Fiberella eLearning course and it remains active for 30 Days

beginning on the first live meeting date of your course session



It's ultimate flex time! Those with an active Fiberella Library Pass receive access to view and review the live meeting recordings*

This is true for your current course PLUS meetings from any and all Fiberella Studio Online courses you've previously taken



Additional 30 Day Fiberella Library Pass extensions are also available, details given at the end of each course

Once you've taken a course at the Fiberella Studio, you can opt to reactivate your Pass when desired. So even months later, you can reactivate your brain cells with a full review!


*After each live meeting in the Fiberella Studio Online, a full recording is promptly made available. This includes a video and sound recording of the entire meeting as it appeared to all of those who attended the meeting LIVE. You'll see and hear, just as it was presented, including PowerPoints, technique video demos, an active link to download your handout, etc. AND you'll be able to easily surf right to the parts you'd most like to review multiple times. The recordings have an index to make that nice and easy.







Any advantages to attending LIVE meetings? How's that differ from viewing recordings?


Spontaneity of interaction is fun, when and if your schedule fits the live dates



Live dates for each course are posted on the registration page. A single course fee usually includes several different meetings.


During live meetings you can ask Paula questions by simply typing them as they occur to you; even raise your hand or send a signal to request adjusting the meeting pace, a bit faster or slower, if needed. You might chat or comment. Paula responds to questions, perhaps by reviewing some slides, illustrating on a whiteboard or possibly using her webcam to clarify a response.



You can voluntarily participate in surveys. For example, Paula can spontaneously connect content to where your interests lie. If Paula asks, "Are you most interested in using these techniques in quiltmaking, mixed media, apparel, three dimensional forms or general embellishment?" responses may have some effect on that day's presentation. If you're viewing recorded meetings, instead just email survey responses to Paula in time for the next live meeting. You'll still affect the interaction.



Interactive options increase as each course progresses through its three meetings, comfortably transforming an initial virtual experience into a meaningful eLearning exchange. LIVE attendees keep the spontaneity going for everyone to enJOY! Live attendance is optional and is not necessary for a meaningful educational experience.









I'm truly looking forward to meeting and working with you in the Fiberella Studio!

Check out upcoming courses, equipment used in various courses and the many topics you can look forward to.



“I feel most alive while in the act of creating and meeting others along the path.” ┬áPaula Scaffidi