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How to Setup your BERNINA Rotary Punch Tool - a free video!

In this video clip (a course segment) I mention I'll provide a part number for extra needle clamps. Here's the clip:


And here's the part number:

fiberella BERNINA rotary punch clamp part number

Paula Scaffidi Rotary Punch in-the-hoop

Did you know you can make felt in-the-hoop and embroider it?

I also used the BERNINA CutWork tool to cut out all the circles.

make felt in-the-hoop with Fiberella

I love mixed technologies! View more examples on the fiberella site
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BERNINA Creativity Guide and Manual for the #45 Rotary Punch Tool!

Here's lots of good free info for needlepunch. enJOY the link!
I authored it, and wish you joyful creativity using this manual as your guide.

Though BERNINA sincerely tried to color code the two rotary styles of punch needles, the coding would not stick. So here's how to translate the red and white* styles noted in the manual:

*If you are lucky to already own the BERNINA Rotary Punch Tool, consult the paper version of the manual (tucked inside your box) on page 2 to identify needle types.

*If you prefer the online manual to work along with, note:
short shank = red needles
and long shank = white needles


A good way to remember what both rotary style punch needles do!

Shank Height Differences - are on the needles themselves. Both punch needle styles are the same in length overall. However, when you sit one of each kind side by side, you will notice that shank only differs in length. Short shank and long shank...

Think of the short shank needles and then “shorten your hand” by making a tight fist. Now think, that’s an aggressive punch so-to-speak. Short hand/ short shank = more aggressive needle style.

Next, open your hand so it feels long and relaxed. The long shank is your more gentle needle type. Long hand/ long shank = more gentle needle style.


You can combine needlepunch with embroidery, decorative stitch, serging and sewing!
What is extreme-fun? A whole range of new Fiberella projects that combine various sewing technologies.


Fiber Cafe Three and Four will explore integrating varous sewing technologies with needlepunch.
In the meanwhile, enJOY Fiber Cafe One and Two. You'll learn lots of fiber techniques and experience valuable design lessons and more.